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Turtle Key Arts charity fundraiser

By December 15, 2014December 19th, 2014No Comments

This weekend Nik (our director) went to the Turtle Key Arts Christmas Charity fundraiser – ‘The Funky Turtle’. It was held at Porchester Hall. Topright have been working closely recently with Turtle Key Arts on visualising their brand. The brand is being released slowly over time. There was no better place to showcase their new logo than at their big Christmas fundraiser – explaining to people what they do and why they do it.

Turtle Key Arts do amazing work with so many people. They change lives in a profound way every day. They do this by using the arts in a medicinal, therapeutic or empowing way, helping people with Dementia, Autism, Aids, those who are disabled or have a mental illnesses. Combining the skills they nurture in the commercial world bringing emerging acts into the arts, they are able to also help others in need. Bringing hope, relief and the arts into places that impact and change quality of lives. Places that sometimes get forgotten by society.

The new website we designed to showcase Turtle Key’s new brand and the work they do, will be live at some point soon and will be in our portfolio when it is released. The new site will have a message that reflects what they do to a far deeper level than they had previously showed. I say – when you are good, why not shout about it, and Turtle Key Arts are fundamentally ‘good’.

A great speech by Alison King, director of Turtle Key Arts (pictured above), described the work that Turtle Key Arts do and the profound effect it has on others, was followed by a film created by Alan Bowyer (Primo). The film visualised their work, creating powerful and moving messages to raise further awareness and ultimately more money for a worthy company.

Turtle Key Arts are one of Topright’s oldest clients, it’s a pleasure to represent them visually as we have in the past and continue to do in the future. It was an honour to have our logo supporting the event, to be name checked in the speeches and to have been invited.


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