Client: Merlin Entertainments

“Create staff illustration that is engaging using our brand colour combinations”

Merlin Entertainments is a truly global company. They asked topright for staff illustration to support an internal initiative. Operating over 130 attractions in 25 countries across four continents. From destination theme park resorts such as Alton Towers and Legoland to The London Eye and numerous Sea Life centres, Merlin has a unique portfolio of attractions across the world.

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topright were asked to create staff illustration in fun brand colour combinations to be used as part of a larger animated video. This would be used in the companies latest internal training strategy. Merlin wanted engaging staff illustration that would come forward and come to life (i.e. turn to video) when it was their turn to speak. Each of the characters represented a different job role. Budget Holder, Procurement Manager, Purchaser, Vendor and Purchase-to-pay person. Each talking to inform other staff about what has changed in their area.

Video has become essential to a lot company’s marketing strategy. Our staff illustration needed to be colourful and engaging. It had to catch the eyes of the staff but most importantly had to communicate an important message. These type of explainer videos are used in various ways by businesses. This can be from one small facet of the company to the business as a whole. They can explain a new service or the story timeline of the company.

Illustrations in whiteboard videos help tell a story. We’re hard-wired to be captivated by interesting stories from an early age. We’re exposed to stories that help us learn in addition to entertaining us. They’re engaging to us from there on, as stories help us communicate and relate to each other. Illustrations help the audience connect with your company on a personal level by conveying the story visually.staff illustration make an ideal tool for animating and communicating the message in an on-brand way. 

It has to catch the eyes of the staff but most importantly has to communicate an important message.

Merlin Entertainments

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