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Client: Dairy UK and AHDB

“We need a report design which celebrates and showcases the next 10 years of our environmental commitment.”

The Dairy Roadmap demonstrates the commitment of the entire British dairy sector towards environmental sustainability. It aims to improve the environmental footprint, whilst ensuring the continued prosperity of the industry.

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This unique approach to sustainability defines targets and reports regularly on the progress made on environmental matters throughout the dairy supply chain, uniting everyone involved including farmers, retailers, dairy manufacturers, government and industry partners.

Dairy UK, NFU and AHDB wanted to showcase the extraordinary progress made by the industry over the last 10 years and look into the future by defining the next steps in the Dairy Roadmap’s evolution.

We were asked to create a a report design that clearly communicated the involved and detailed message. Using colour to define the broad range of environmental themes throughout made for a very easy reader experience. The months of painstaking planning within the industry hed to be transformed into an engaging and attractive report in an extremely tight deadline.

Whilst there was a lot of information to fit in, the use of space was vital in the design. Space provided readers with a clear direction and gave the brochure a lighter feel, improving readability making it much easier to digest the vast amounts of information.

White space also portrayed quality and professionalism as well as enhancing the appeal and impact, which again was another central focus of the brochure. Nowhere else in the world has the supply chain, from farmers right through to retailers, come together to agree such a broad programme with hard, time-bound environmental sustainability targets.

The 58 page report design was printed on uncoated paper that was milled from responsible sources and FSC approved. The naturally tactile uncoated stock further helps the design to communicate the environmental messages that are being communicated.

topright have always provided us with first class design solutions for the wide ranging and varied projects we have.

Sophie ClarkeCommunications Manager, Dairy UK

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