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Client: Person Centred Software

“Complicated made simple…”

Topright were asked to create an infographic design that would explain the virtues of Person Centred Software’s (based in Guildford Surrey) industry leading care app.

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This was a complicated piece of design and paper engineering that required our upmost expertise when it came to layout and design within the 10 folds and hinged cover.

The Z-card consisted of two sides. On the first we created an intricate isometric infographic design showing a care home layout. This in itself is something a bit unique showing a view without perspective, immediately invoking curiosity.

The infographic showed a typical route taken by a caregiver in a single day using the Care App. It helped explain the shear amount of evidencing that can be done on the app from noting what a resident had eaten and drank that day, whether they needed additional help getting out of bed or simply recording whether they’d had an outing to the garden or coffee shop.

The second side consisted of the Care App’s benefits. We displayed these using a set of icons carefully designed to represent the relevant points visually but remaining in the brand style developed for People Centred Software.

Another important element of the design in addition to it’s aesthetic was the placement of information on each side, taking into consideration where the folds would fall. Due to the nature of the map-fold, the fold lines would inevitably fall over some of the design but we needed to ensure the text was not obstructed where possible to maximise readability.

Infographic design Infographic map-fold leaflet

Leaflet close-up examples

An intricate isometric infographic design showing a unique perspective,
which immediately invokes curiosity.

A complicated piece of design and paper engineering that required our upmost expertise.

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