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Client: Itinerant Canvas

‘Convey a sense of romance and adventure within a rural setting which embodies what we do’

Itinerant Canvas asked us to communicate the sense and meaning of their business through their brand. The company provides ‘old style’ experiences to clients that encompass travel, romance, adventure, beautiful rural surroundings within a safe, familiar haven.

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By introducing a simplistic yet established appearing style throughout the brand design, we reflected all that Itinerant Canvas is – and set a lasting impression of what the Itinerant Canvas experience delivers for it’s clients. We captured their vision using lifestyle images, classic typography, earthy tones and natural textures that touch on the nostalgic to emulate the sense of good old-fashioned adventure and the great outdoors.

The logo itself is comprised of colours typically associated with nature and is able to transition very well depending on the users needs but always remains strong and recognisable. The diamond shape that ‘holds’ the typography is representative of the transient space that an itinerant occupies for the short time they stay, creating synergy with the business.

The photographic images portray an idyllic scenario, which we further reinforce by adjusting and enhancing them using modified colour profiles and overlays. The delicate blue tint overlay created the perfect romanticised setting to display the logo. The perfect interpretation of an experience into a brand.

The brand captures the clients vision using lifestyle images, classic typography, earthy tones and natural textures that touch on the nostalgic.

It reflects all that Itinerant Canvas is, and makes a lasting impression.

experience identity - business card
Mono logo variant

Used widely on advertising and outward facing comms, a simple and flexible version of the logo which communicates to a modern clientele.

experience identity - mono logo experience identity - colour logo
Colour logo variant

Used on limited corporate and internal communications, the stylish and established logo, shows great capability and evokes historic trust.

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