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Client: Dairy UK

‘Please can you make our popular printed literature available as digital publication design’

Topright have produced many printed publications for Dairy UK. They wanted to supply this valuable and free information in a more sustainable way. Dairy UK asked topright design if they could create the most popular publications as online versions.

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There are many ways of viewing publications online. All with varying levels of success. The designs of Dairy UK’s most requested publications (that topright design agency created for them) are all very distinctive. Each publication has instantly recognisable graphic cues or illustrative styles. Being faithful to the design styling and cues was very important. To ensure that the digital publication design retained the essence of what made each publication so popular. Topright stepped outside the conventional method of producing digital publication design.

Producing the digital publication design

It was decided that each publication should become a separate website. This was achieved by utilising the multisite functionality within WordPress. Each publication would have it’s own menu and be housed under the main url of the corporate site. Each site would have it’s own CSS (Cascading style sheet) so all text sizes, types and colouring is individual to each publication. Introducing the styling to each digital publication design would be far more bespoke using this idea of creation.

Digital publication sets

Recreating faithful versions of the existing publications sets was aided greatly by this method of production. For instance: the popular ‘Baby booklet’ set (shown below) have very similar design elements. But they all have specific colours, illustration and graphic design differences. Ensuring that they keep their own identity, but are clearly part of a set. As separate websites, each digital publication has clear unique sensible urls. This vital and popular information is now available for generations to come.




Ensuring that each publication stayed faithful to it's printed counterpart. The publication illustrations we had created were used differently or adjusted slightly within the layout. But they reflected the original printed design well.


To enable the corporate site to host all of their publications on the same URL. But as different websites with different URL's the site was required to utilise WordPress multisite functionality

Parallax functionality

Throughout the publications there are many instances of images and backgrounds being shown with parallax functionality.
digital publication designs on laptop
digital publication designs on iPhone

Separate menus

Even though these publications are all on the same site, each has it's own unique menu.

Responsive design

Each digital publication is built upon a grid system that allows it to be very effective when responsive. It works extremely well across the vast range of different devices and gives great user experience.

Colour pallet

Each publication that is part of a set has it's own colour palette and CSS (Cascading style sheet).

The team are always friendly and helpful and are a pleasure to work with.

Sophie ClarkeCommunications Manager, Dairy UK

The website design showcases and promotes our booklets exquisitely.

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