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Client: Care brochure design

“Create a care brochure design which will shape and develop our brand.”

Person Centred Software (based in Guildford, Surrey) provides innovative mobile solutions for evidencing care interactions, electronic care planning and reporting through the use of Mobile Care Monitoring. Person Centred Software needed a brochure design that would define their brand going forward.

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The company, set up and run by experts involved in social care for over 20 years, realised the focus of industry software was not centred around those receiving the care. This gave them an opportunity to improve the lives of everyone involved in social care, not just those being cared for.

Mobile Care Monitoring allows carers to spend more time caring for residents by reducing paperwork. The innovative Care App allows carers to retrieve and record notes and daily tasks digitally though an easy icon lead system. This gives them all the information they need and allows them to record daily routines and activities at their fingertips. PCS provide the software to over 500 care homes, which record nearly 1,000,000 care notes every day.

Person Centred Software asked topright to create a care brochure design that would be a catalyst for their brand development. Our approach was to work with the colours of their logo but in a more subtle way so as to reflect them, not reproduce them. topright needed to find a way to do this but still retain a recognisable link to Person Centred Software. The result ribbon device we designed met all the criteria of the brief. The ribbon evokes a feeling of care, integration and union and has the underlying association to charitable organisations thus reinforcing their important care message. The ribbon device is extremely flexible, which moving forward, offers broad-ranging potential for the brand.

The use of human based photography alongside the ribbon device throughout the brochure creates a soft, simple and memorable appearance instilling trust and confidence in the reader. The ribbon is applied in a variety of ways throughout the brochure giving each page a common theme with a unique arrangement.

The subtle ‘pillow soft’ background colour also enhances the brands’ uniqueness, and further heights PCS’s nurturing brand messages.

Combined, these design elements resulted in a high-end, professional and trustworthy product that stands above their competitors and reflect Person Centred Software’s care philosophy.

The brochure design resulted in a high-end, professional and trustworthy product that stands above their competitors and reflects the Person Centred Software’s care philosophy.

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