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Infographic Design

By September 7, 2018September 11th, 2018No Comments

We thought we would show you just how impactful infographic design can be. Below are two versions of our blog post – we’ll let you make up your mind as to which one you’d rather read!

What is infographic design and why is so important?

An infographic is a graphic visual representation of information or data (usually complex), displayed in a clear, organised and visual format.

Infographic design is everywhere and plays a huge part within our lives when it comes to consuming and retaining information. 90% of information that’s transmitted to the brain is visual in one way or another and we only remember around 20% of what we read, meaning we process visual information much faster than we do when it’s written down.

The modern and increasingly fast paced environment we live in means people are inundated with information every day. This is rapidly decreasing our attention spans and means infographic design is quickly becoming the preferred and most effective way for business to communicate information.

What are the benefits of infographic design?

Infographic design is attractive, engaging and captures the attention of readers because of the clever use of colour, layout, flow as well as images and text. We tend to scan over materials so something that stands out and appeals is fundamental to ensure readers retrieve the information we want them to.

Due to the versatility of infographics a large proportion of businesses are choosing to present data in this way. They easily allow for the incorporation of brand colours, shapes, type and styles that help to reinforce a brand and increase its awareness.

Infographic design is extremely universal because of the incorporation of global symbols and icons. These are often used to replace or minimise the amount of text and therefore allows the infographic to reach a wider audience. Many companies experience problems with language barriers when dealing overseas so producing something that can be understood universally is very beneficial for a company.

Trust is another important part of infographic design. A well-designed, professional looking infographic shows expert understanding from a business perspective as well a designers’ perspective. The designer must have strong knowledge of a business and what they want to communicate before the design process begins. The challenge is then to portray the messages and information correctly and clearly so readers can absorb and retain the necessary information.

Infographic Design example

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