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Helping-out our clients

By September 28, 2015October 14th, 2015No Comments

Whilst designing show material for one of Turtle Key Art’s latest projects and performances ’35 Amici Drive’, An integrated group of able and disabled performance artists. Turtle Key Arts asked if topright would help out by designing (for free) an extra piece of literature to go with the performance. We believe that the work that Turtle Key Arts do with Amici is both extraordinary and life changing and as such we support it as best we can. The play was about the residents of 35 Amici Drive, on the Candy Estate, who are under threat of eviction from their homes due to a, so called, “regeneration” project engineered by the bureaucratic and seemingly uncaring Streathlee Green Borough Council in collaboration with property developers Eastlawn Incorporated. Turtle key asked us if we could design them a spoof property developers flyer and create and incorporate an identity for ‘Eastlawn Incorporated’ so that audience members could be immersed further into the whole theme of the production. Sometimes by ‘giving’ you can get more than you possibly imagine back. Great project, amazing company and such a worthy cause.

Tel: 01932 483 060