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Charity work

Doing our bit for a local charity

By September 24, 2021October 27th, 2021No Comments

Formerly The Cookie Bar, this cafe was part of a larger charitable organisation. The Cookie bar provides opportunities for young students with disabilities to experience and learn about all aspects of running a business. Profit from turnover then helps generate income for local school, Stepping Stones, which provides education opportunities for students with special educational needs.

The Cookie Bar approached topright to request a quote for a rebrand as a forerunner to their expansion plans. As a local charitable organisation we felt it would be right to offer our services at no cost, thereby making our charitable contribution to their work. Branding design briefs were shared with us and it became apparent that this was actually a request for a rebrand for the whole organisation. The rebrand would involve a name change for the café to Pathways Coffee Shop and would also cover the other three strands of their organisation: Pathways Post 19, Pathways Consultancy and Pathways School.
Having agreed the deliverables, topright designed and presented three variations of brand design that would run across the organisation. These utilised a common logo with variations on icon colour and strap line to differentiate the four strands. The brand presentation visuals focussed on the café and illustrated the brand in use on various items of brand collateral. The selected logo featured a path winding its way into the distance that formed part of a ‘P’ icon. This represented the route that students take through the education and employment process and highlights the twists and turns that inevitably challenge an SEN student.
A simplified final version of the Pathways ‘P’ is now in use on their social media channel.

Tel: 01932 483 060