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Recent work

Our recent work.

Logo design

Show identity

‘We want a versatile logo which encompasses the show’s DNA – It must shape the show identity’

Topright created this striking hand-crafted typography which mirrors urban shapes and environments. Interacting and interplaying with one another. The identity created is a strong and bold identity that offers unique use opportunities. The logo has a white-out variant for use on different media. This includes images or appropriate background colours. Because of the weighty nature of this logo. It also lends itself to masking suitable imagery. Resulting in yet greater scope for use for multiple pieces of design collateral.

Logo design

Charity logo

‘Create us a charity logo to represent one of Britain’s greatest photographers.’

Topright created this charity logo design for The Abderrahim Crickmay Charitable Setttlement. It was was an honour. Anthony Crickmay, is one of Britain’s most celebrated photographers. He is best known for his dance and theatre photography. During his long career he worked regularly for The Royal Ballet. He photographed many of the world’s greatest dancers and choreographers. His photographs have graced many a wall in the form of legendary poster images.

Brand identity

Campaign identity

‘We need a campaign identity to engage our community to help raise funds for our new Sixth Form Centre’

Topright communicated Heathfield School’s vision for the new Sixth Form Giving campaign. The 46-hour Giving Challenge was held 46 weeks before their new Sixth Form Centre was due to open. With funding to build the structure secured, the Giving Challenge aimed to start to raise funds to cover the interior and fit-out, to ensure the highest educational effect for future sixth form students. Like any good campaign identity, the logo had to work in a variety of situations to ensure that it was fit for purpose in every eventuality.

Brand identity


‘Our business is changing and we need to change with it. Rebrand us to align with this new market’

Tech TV recognised that their market had changed and asked topright to help them rebrand. Traditionally Tech TV have created very high end film content for blue chip companies. Although a very successful business the market was shifting. Digital content has increasing importance for social media and is a exponentially expanding market.

Brochure design

Sixth Form prospectus design

‘Create us a Sixth Form prospectus design that will champion our values.’

Heathfield is a deliberately small and exclusive boarding and day school for girls aged 11-18 years. Heathfield called upon topright to create their Sixth Form prospectus design. It will promote new industry leading, state of the art Sixth Form Centre and attract students. The prospectus showcases the wealth of opportunities and unique experiences that students can enjoy when joining the new Sixth Form. This all had to be reflected in the design of the brochure.

Website design

Education website design

‘We need a leading brand and world class school website’

Whilst all the school brand design was being implemented, topright conceptualised and built the school website. We included all the the interactive features one would expect from a high-end website wrapped around the unique brand styling. Features such as: a calendar feed; Twitter feed; latest news feeds; embedded school publications; downloadable elements and form submissions; connection to the management information system and an Alumni portal.

Website design

Social network design

‘Help us to get a deeper connection with our Alumni’

Whilst all the school brand design was being implemented, topright added a closed alumni social network whilst building the school website. The network would enable ex-students and teachers to communicate with one another. They would  be able to share thoughts, images, projects with one another, to learn and grow. The social network design would also enable users to create groups, do surveys and comment on each others posts.

Website design

Digital publication design

‘Please can you make our popular printed literature available as digital publication design’

Topright have produced many printed publications for Dairy UK. They wanted to supply this valuable and free information in a more sustainable way. Dairy UK asked topright design if they could create the most popular publications as online versions.


Cafe logo

‘Our purpose is to create Pathways for young people into their future. Please create us a cafe logo’

Pathways support young people and their families with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) who have disengaged or disappeared from the educational system and are unable to access appropriate education. ​They encourage change in our existing systems to ensure that young people, regardless of their circumstances, aren’t left behind.

Brand identity

SEN School brand design

‘We need a design agency to help us portray our new culture to all stakeholders.’

The existing school logo design was reflective and focussed on the heritage and legacy of the grand house that formed the hub of the school and the connection with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It didn’t represent the values, direction and aspirations for the school. The new brand design would need to be progressive and forward looking without being edgy.


Entertainment company illustration

‘Create something that is engaging using our brand colour combinations’

Merlin Entertainments asked topright design agency to illustrate their key staff members. Using Merlin’s fun brand colour combinations they were to be used as part of a larger animated video. The video’s purpose was to communicate the companies latest internal training strategy. Merlin wanted engaging character illustrations that would come forward and come to life (i.e. turn to video) when it was their turn to speak.

Logo design

Community campaign identity

‘Help our school engage with the wider community’

Griffin Schools Trust needed a new campaign logo. One of their newest schools had lost the trust of the community. They needed to engage both the school and the wider community. The campaign would help reconnect both parties. Therefore a campaign was conceived ‘Our Stantonbury’. Reminding the school and the community that it is a shared responsibility to support one another.

Annual report design

Educate our audience

‘Take our annual report design away from the dull, heavy-going stereotype’

Turtle Key Arts asked topright design agency to tell their 2021 story through a 40 page report. We created them a report that looked professional, conveyed their message and visions clearly and educated their audience about what they have already done, laying the groundwork for their plans in the future.

Advertising campaign

Unique advertising campaign

‘We need something unique to help us stand out in a stuffy market place.’

This advertising campaign design work was created for Heathfield School Ascot. The campaign comprises of three words, ‘Unique’ ‘Verve’ and ‘Spirit’. Three powerful words which describe the virtues of a ‘Heathfield girl’. There will be more words added to the campaign through out the year it runs.

Website design

Engaging website

‘Help us convey our narrative; we create powerful storytelling’

Wrapt Films are an independent, award-winning production company based in rural Hertfordshire. They create powerful storytelling, which produces emotional connections with their audience. Wrapt Films came to topright for a new website design. We were asked to develop a website that was not only search engine optimisation (SEO) friendly and responsive, but it had to be creative, engaging and unique to Wrapt Films. They needed a design agency who understood them.

Microsite design | Identity design

Identity refresh

‘We need a design agency that can reflect the important part we play within our industry’

APT (Asset Protection Team) who are part of Dairy UK, wanted a microsite that would reflect the part they play within the dairy industry. APT are trolley repatriation specialists, identifying and preventing theft, misappropriation, conversion and accidental misuse of milk trolleys. Although the new site would share its URL with Dairy UK, it was important to ensure the graphic design and functionality was individual to APT.

Website design

Creative arts website

‘Pull the audience into an imaginative and captivating experience’

Joli Vyann, created by Olivia Quayle and Jan Patzke in 2012 is an innovative fusion of circus, dance and theatre, blurring the boundaries of where each begins and ends. Topright design agency were asked to develop an Arts website design for Joli Vyann that would showcase their new fusion style and ‘pull the audience into an imaginative and captivating experience,’ just as their performances do.

Brand identity

School brand identity

‘Create our school brand identity as a visual language that expresses our values’

Heathfield School Ascot requested that topright design agency review how they present themselves in every area of ‘front-facing’ communications, starting with their logo and publications and then into the school website.

Website design

Arts website

‘We’d like a website that’s bold, effortless for our visitors to use and impactful’

Topright design agency have worked very closely with Turtle Key Arts and through this have been introduced to an extensive variety of arts and theatre companies. Open Sky who are produced by Turtle Key Arts combine new writing with visual, physical theatre and work with local, national and international artists.

Fashion show programme design

Showcase our art students' talent

‘Flamboyance and flair will take center stage’

Working with Stephen Lisseman, former Creative Director for Karl Lagerfled and Gucci, Heathfield students took to the stage to host their annual fashion show. The theme for the show this year was ‘Purpose’ and topright were asked to create an accompanying 8 page programme which needed to reflect the creativity of the students work.

Digital brochure design

Covid brochure design

‘A fast turn around, get this key information out there’

Heathfield needed topright design agency to create a brochure design. The world was in lockdown. Government rules were changing every day. Therefore, this information needed to be flexible for updates. The design is attractive, sensitive and clearly communicated. The Covid brochure design informs day girls and boarders of the correct protocol when returning to School.

Website design

Smarten up an industry

‘Here’s our text – but the site must be live in 3 weeks!’

Following on from the success of Dairy UK asked topright design agency to use the design cues from their consumer facing website design to build them a brand new corporate website.

Website design

Prestigious school website

‘Take us away from our old overcrowded and out-dated website.’

Heathfield asked topright to re-design their existing website because they had ‘out-grown’ it. They felt it could no longer accommodate the increasing amount of content needed to promote the school. Extensive re-structuring was needed to improve navigation and user experience. One key requirement of the re-design was for the client to have more control of the content.


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