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Today we pushed the button on the brand new Waymont Consulting Ltd website development and set it free upon the world. It will be the first time that Waymont Consulting’s clients see their new brand identity which was recently created and implemented by topright design. The new brand identity is clean, simple with a no fuss outward projection. The simple design styling reflects the companies ability to take complicated tasks, get to the root of them and return with solutions, answers or data in a way that seems effortless.

I suppose in many ways we are alike. Whenever topright present a new brand idea or a solution to a design problem to a new client it looks effortless. They will, I imagine, question themselves – “can it really be that simple?”. But the reality is that years of experience and all the ideas and directions that a client will not witness that happen behind the scenes, take the pain of the creative journey away from them. All the design angles that have been explored physically or  subconsciously over the years on any particular project are pooled without the client ever knowing. We like Waymont Consulting present the client with the solutions, answers and ultimately company culture changing visual tools – in a way that is also seemingly effortless.

The collateral involved in this particular identity included stationery, report styling, exhibition, signage and of course the brand new website development. The work that Waymont undertake is way beyond you and I (this assumes that you are an average Joe with a good education and understanding of how the universe works). Their work includes: SIGNAL PROCESSING ALGORITHM DESIGN, RF SYSTEM DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION, VHDL IMPLEMENTATION FOR FPGAs, PCB DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION, SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT (Yeah, I know!). They are lovely guys and we wish them the best of luck in the future and every success with their new brand. We look forward to working again with them to further development their amazing business visually.


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