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Words could make a big difference to how Google see your website, how your site is listed and ultimately your business. You see, you can’t second guess exactly what people type when they search for something that your business could potentially offer them. Find out what phrases have a synergy to your business and also have good quantities of search traffic (using google tools) in order to help direct relevant traffic towards your site. You will have to weave these phrases into your site in a natural and strategic way. Obviously there will be some instances where your content will infact contain your phrase, but to help that search along, how you structure your content is extremely important. You will note that in this news article for instance, the ‘article heading’ which will have a H1 code appended to it, the ‘page title’, URL, the image ‘alt tag’ and the actual content all contain web design Surrey. Not only that, the ‘meta description’ of the page and ‘keywords’ all contain web design Surrey.


Web design Surrey is a particular good phrase for our company. The pcm searches are high and the synergy between the search and our offering are obvious – we offer the service of web design and are located in Surrey. High yielding searches are great, but the higher the search traffic, the greater the competition. High Competition means that it is harder it is to get into the top ten, the first page of google. So a strategy of easier wins, using lower yielding searches, might be a more productive approach.


Of course it isn’t just as simple writing something like web design Surrey somewhere on our site. Many other things effect the listing, it needs to be correctly formatted content as well as a heap of other factors. How is the internet tribe interacting with you? Who’s talking about you? Who are you associated with via HTML links? Who’s visiting your site? Are they finding what they are looking for? How long do they stay with you? What platform is your site built on? How often is your site updated with relevant and interesting information?


What might be in the top ten things that the google algorithms rate today may well be seen as bad practice tomorrow. Attempting to manipulate SEO in general is quite a risky and unstable business. One thing is for sure, honest and relevant content will always work, but never as well as an above the line advertising campaign. This sort of marketing ensures that the big guys get bigger and the dream of becoming an internet business sensation is a figment of a story writers imagination.


Social Media influences

Brands who sell inspirational products or services will always have an easier job of creating website traffic. Using social media for instance… You, and hundreds of thousands of people may well follow a famous music personality or clothing brand on twitter because it serves to express your personality to others and may well be of some interest to you personally. Whereas Bob the plumber or your local ironmongers will not hold this same aspirational appeal. They will find it almost impossible to engage the internet tribe into spreading their sales message. Instead they will find themselves ‘shouting’ into the ether along with millions of anonymous small businesses. This is just an example of the power of social media and the reason why there is so much controversy over personalities endorsing brands (for financial gain) using their social media platform. It throws the advertising standards of yesteryear into disarray. Going forward, as more and more social media platforms moneyatize themselves we will see all sorts of changes in the user experience. Facebook for instance is a very different environment to what it was before the company floated in 2012.


Web design Surrey conclusion

Of course this is the tip of the iceberg but a good introduction to the uninitiated. So in summary – Being honest, relevant and knowledgeable will always help. Perhaps three words like web design Surrey could make a big difference to our business. What three words will make a difference to your business? It only takes one chance enquiry to change a business forever. Perhaps you are visiting us today because of this very article. Perhaps you are our ‘chance enquiry’, wouldn’t that be nice? and an extremely neat way to complete the circle.

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