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Today we were excited to make the all new Medicine Garden responsive website live after a couple of months development. The new take on the old site uses very different thinking with regards to it’s layout, structure and navigation. One of the main reasons for this latest site was the need for it to be a responsive website, but as time went on it was clear that the project required far deeper thought. The new web site is now broken down into headings of interest, both for the businesses within the site and also visitors to the web site and the actual destination. The new site has a deliberate magazine ‘community’ feel which will help the individual on-site businesses promote their offering as well as informing visitors of the ever increasing community events and news. The new web site had to include a comprehensive CMS back-end, social media feeds and link with their preferred e-marketing third party supplier ‘MailChimp’ in order to be able to update the database directly from on-site subscriptions. The main challenge to make the site represent the many businesses contained within, as well as being clearly represented as a ‘destination’, although tricky has worked out rather well.


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