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Client: Heathfield School

‘Take us away from our old, overcrowded and out-dated school website design. We want a site that reflects the new identity you created for us’

Heathfield is a prestigious boarding school that provides an environment where girls have the opportunity to discover and reach their greatest potential in whatever area that may be. Whether academic, artistic, sporting, musical or dramatic – girls develop life skills, life-long friendships, academic qualifications and the confidence and self-belief that will enable them to succeed throughout her life.

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Heathfield’s existing school website design was desperately in need of change. It had ‘outgrown’ their current site so could no longer accommodate the increasing amount of content needed by the school. Also and importantly, it didn’t reflect the new visual identity topright created for them. Extensive re-structuring was needed to improve navigation and user experience. One key requirement of this school website design was that the client wanted to have more control over the site. This was done through a complex but easy-to-use content management system.

We re-structured the content, ensuring users could search or browse the site in various different ways. We also implemented interactive features such as: a calendar feed from SOCS; Twitter feed; latest news feeds; embedded school publications; downloadable brochures, guides and form submissions. As the school website design hosted a wealth of information, it was important that certain areas were accessible from other related areas across the site. The carefully planned internal links all offer a more intuitive, organic navigation style. The new website is constructed to a grid system. This allows for consistency across the layout and enables the site to work responsively across a range of devices.

The website is packed full of imagery and carefully considered typography that paints a insightful picture to visitors of life and learning for a Heathfield girl. We were able to balance creativity with precision to produce an elegant and professional website that projects the message Heathfield School wanted to communicate.


Responsive design

The site shuffles and re-structures content dependent on the device being used to view it. Whether viewed on desktop, tablet or mobile and in either landscape or portrait, the viewer is given the most appropriate view.

Application/registration area

The site has a 'walk-through' application/registration area, allowing the user to save and finish their form at a later date.

Parent portal

A private area, password protected area, containing more personal and student detail for parents use.

Identity implementation

Use of font, colour and identity design cues tie the site into the new literature, advertising and digital collateral.

Full page impact

The homepage opens on full-page use of scrolling images and video. The impactful images and video are overlaid with the site elements: navigation, messaging and branding.

Quick links

A set of 'frequently used' links appear as a secondary menu at the bottom of the browser window. This allows a flowing user experience to ensure that information is found in the least possible clicks.

Front and centre feeds

Below the initial full screen images and video there are school news, social and calendar feeds. These keep the user informed of all the latest school happenings and important events without having to dive deeper into the site.

Announcement bar

Admin can easily add, remove and update an announcement bar to the site when important 'out of the ordinary' messaging needs to be communicated with parents, carers or governors.
Website build mobile

The website is packed full of imagery and carefully considered typography.

School website design - desktop search
School website design - tablet

It is a complete joy to work with such a creative and professional company. The standard of work is exceptional and this, combined with the speedy turnaround, attention to detail and in-depth knowledge of us as a client, means I have no hesitation at all in heartily recommending Topright to anyone. Keep up the great work!

Anna MorganDirector of Marketing, Heathfield School Ascot