“Help us to ‘visually’ live up to our reputation.”

Turtle Key Arts came to topright asking for help to move their identity forward and to reflect the company that they have become. Their old identity had served them well in the past but was not working hard enough for them in communicating the services and core values that the company had developed. More importantly the new identity would ensuring ensure that the brand didn’t get lost when supporting or collaborating. Turtle Key Arts are creative, collaborative, adventurous and supportive so it was decided that the logotype could be supported by a vast array of colours that reflecting the company’s flexibility and dynamics. The once used pictogram, historically at the centre of the id became supportive. Using the main logotype would bring the company out from ‘behind the curtain’ and get the name to the forefront. The identity implementation included web design, stationery, signage, merchandise and social media graphic support.

Turtle Key Arts
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