‘Flamboyance and flair will take center stage’

Every year, the students of Heathfield take to the stage and host their fashion show, which showcases their art students’ talent. The theme for the show this year was ‘Purpose’ – ‘to encourage every student to find her own creative direction and to reflect the spirit of grit and determination that underpins success.’

Former Creative Director for Karl Lagerfled and Gucci, Stephen Lisseman collaborated with the school to provide his professional input of the fashion industry. Stephen has been working with GCSE and A-level students in 1:1 tutorials and lectures aimed at consolidating their design skills. It has given the students a ‘taste’ of what it would be like to work in the fashion industry, from dressing the models, organizing accessories to photographing the outfits for the programme.

Topright were responsible for creating the Fashion Show programme. Using close-up photographs taken of the textiles used in the students work and supplied by the school, we developed a design styling that we took through the programme. The design is clean, uncluttered and modern and uses an intriguing balance of white space and imagery. This balance provides an easier reading experience and focuses the readers’ attention. White space also creates the feeling of luxury, which works in harmony and reflects the feeling of the fashion show itself and the items designed by the students.

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It is a complete joy to work with such a creative and professional company.

Anna MorganDirector of Marketing, Heathfield School Ascot