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“Unity | Digital Toolkit | Education | Communication”.

The Dairy Council, Dairy UK and AHDB (Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board) asked topright to develop a website which would bring dairy farmers together. This site would provide them with the knowledge and tools to successfully promote the nutritional benefits of dairy to consumers through their own means of communication.

The design of the website is simple and creates a smooth user experience. Positioning the information bar at the top of the screen allows dairy farmers to navigate easily through the site to the relevant information they require. Contents of the website include recipes that dairy farmers can share with their followers as well as nutritional videos and educational video blogs directed at the farmers themselves, helping them to understand and utilise social media.

Information regarding product compliance to nutrition and health claims legislation is explained clearly alongside a selection of ready-made tweets farmers can share instantly. A supporting leaflet was designed too giving farmers an overview of the website and what it would do.

A set of colourful, eye-catching infographics were also created for the site and can be saved to a number of digital devices with a few quick clicks. The simplicity and clever design makes Tell It Like It Is an ideal tool for dairy farmers to reach out and communicate the nutritional benefits of dairy to consumers with ease as well as in a language everybody can understand.


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