“We’d like something minimalist, clean and fresh.”

Tech TV in are an award-winning video production company based in London and Farnham Surrey. They produce high-quality video and film for business.

Tech TV called on topright for a brand identity. It had to project their professional attitude, trustworthiness, friendly, stress-free approach and of course the quality of their work.

Work began writing, shortlisting and deciding on a strap line to accompany the brand identity that would become a catalyst to drive the business. This was achieved much to everyone’s surprise and delight in just two words: Focused. Worldwide.

We then created a stylish, compact no-fuss logo that portrayed a capable image. By replacing the ‘E’ of TECH with a graphic device we were able to represent many positive attributes in a non-literal way: Fully charged; Top of the ladder; Leaders; Top of their game.

‘TV’ was placed in a supportive and recognised ‘TM’ position at the top right. It adds strength, comfort and trust in the logo and it’s brand identity.

Considering all aspects the brand identity holistically, we developed a totem version of the logo adding to its versatility whilst still retaining a clear connection to this recognisable identity. The totem works well in a portrait banner type situation, on stationary or company merchandise and the E-graphic device became a powerful avatar for social media channels.

We wrote and designed simple yet comprehensive brand guidelines that would ensure that the vision could be shared.


Tech TV


Strapline creation
Logo design
Brand identity manual
Stationary design
Social media iconography
Design consultancy

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From the off, Topright nailed our new brand design with a great idea and concept, straight off the bat. They also came up with ideas for our branding that went beyond the brief. Our new look is getting noticed and helping to push us forward - and that's thanks to Topright!

Matt SmithTechTV (Farnham)