“Make us stand out from the crowd and help us convey our culture.”

The new advertising campaign for Heathfield School, Ascot. Heathfield is a boarding and day school for girls aged 11-18. It’s set in stunning grounds in Ascot, Berkshire with outstanding facilities. This makes it a truly unique and magical school for the 200 or so students. The purpose of the new advertising campaign was to spread the ethos and rare nature of the school to potential parents and their children and attract them to the open day. The advertising campaign ‘Girls First’ was born, a phrase representing the schools care of its students, the ‘go-get’ attitude instilled in its students in their strive for excellence mantra. The advertising campaign logo is a strong graphical device that will be used in many applications: advertising, social media, web and print collateral, event material and merchandising. The versatility of the campaign advertising design means that the secondary messaging for individual adverts can be changed along with the photographic image to produce constant but varied messages.

Heathfield School Ascot
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