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Multi-layered design

By February 18, 2014April 25th, 2014No Comments

This is the graphic image that will sit under the braille created for this unique leaflet design. Our client – Extant (the UK’s only professional performing arts company of visually impaired people) wanted an image that depicts their vision of an uncertain space where anarchy, ageing and anxiety collide. A surreal disused control room in a post apocalyptic world, unfilled chairs with a sense of a waiting and confusion, invisible guests and a slow dismantling of order.

The design went through a few generations to end up at this fabulous piece, but we think that the journey was well worth the effort as the image is very striking and will certainly excite potential audiences.

During the design of this leaflet image there were many practical considerations for the partially sighted, sighted and blind audience. For the blind audience our production of braille to communicate essential information was complimented by a sensory experience using the choice of paper stock to print on.

The partially sighted are also catered for within the design and image. Correct typeface sizes and the contrast between typographic information and background image have to be balanced correctly in order for the design to be accessible. The graphics and image need to be easily definable for the close inspection that a partially sighted reader uses.

Finally the sighted audience requires the image to be engaging and not exclusive to the blind and partially sighted. Making this piece of design, another one of the most inclusive pieces of accessible design we create, with more layers than an onion!