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Design continuity

By March 25, 2014April 27th, 2014No Comments

Designing a brand is all about ensuring that your audience understands where something comes from, its relationship with its surroundings and the installation of trust in the target audience. Just out of the studio this week was the continuation of the Surrey Heath Book Festival, an identity topright created last year. The identity (as intentionally designed) was easily transformed into this years festival identity using the design cues set out in the initial design last year. The simple yet well proportion logo just needed to change its colour ways and use updated imagery and dates to ensure continuity of the festival design for this year, thus creating continuity and trust.

The festival brand this year (run in association with Waterstones book shops) is complimented with imagery created by Justin Rowe, an artist and paper sculptor from Cambridge. It uses an image of one of his beautiful sculptures entitled ‘perhaps I shall find out somebody’s secret’. The ‘book sculpture’ is the perfect accompaniment to the book festival.

To accompany the book festival we have designed and printed a 12 page booklet detailing all the events and produced various promotional poster sizes for the festival. Pictured below is the 48 sheet poster.