ClientsThe Arts
September 28, 2015

Helping-out our clients

Whilst designing show material for one of Turtle Key Art's latest projects and performances '35 Amici Drive', An integrated group of able and disabled performance artists. Turtle Key Arts asked…
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How to Draw finished image
In the studioThe Arts
March 25, 2015

How to draw

As a design studio, from time to time, topright are asked to draw characters for clients. Obviously to draw characters you have to know how to draw and have an eye for characterisation.…
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Arts photography
ClientsPhotographyThe Arts
March 16, 2015

Awesome images

Last week Nik popped along to the R&D of Ockham's Razor's new show 'Tipping Point' to do some production photography for use on their promotion and PR. The team were…
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Alison King
ClientsIdentity designStaffThe Arts
December 15, 2014

Turtle Key Arts charity fundraiser

This weekend Nik (our director) went to the Turtle Key Arts Christmas Charity fundraiser - 'The Funky Turtle'. It was held at Porchester Hall. Topright have been working closely recently…
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Event identity logo design
DesignIn the studioThe Arts
March 25, 2014

Design continuity

Designing a brand is all about ensuring that your audience understands where something comes from, its relationship with its surroundings and the installation of trust in the target audience. Just…
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Leaflet design
accessibilityDesignIn the studioThe Arts
February 18, 2014

Multi-layered design

This is the graphic image that will sit under the braille created for this unique leaflet design. Our client - Extant (the UK’s only professional performing arts company of visually…
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