Why use video animation on your site

Video animation is a very powerful and extremely effective tool and a great way to promote your company or products. We have gathered some of the facts and created this fun little animation which conveys the message clearly and quickly. Download speeds are now fast enough to enable us all to use video on our websites without any […]

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How to Draw finished image

How to draw

As a design studio, from time to time, topright are asked to draw characters for clients. Obviously to draw characters you have to know how to draw and have an eye for characterisation. We recently drew a character to accompany a brand and a logo that we produced for a new restaurant chain. The character we created is […]

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Closed for Christmas

It’s important for us ‘creative types’ to have some time to re-energise those creative cells. We take full advantage over the Christmas period and have an extended break in order for us to return fully charged and ready to get going on your projects in the new year. We return to the studio on 5th Jan 2015, let […]

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Glass panel facia graphic recreation

Arcade game restoration

Once again topright has been approached by a private client we had previously helped, when we re-drew the graphic elements of the arcade game SEGA ‘Outrun’. These sort of arcade game restoration projects are great because of the detail and choices that have to be made in the process. Do you re-create it as it was? […]

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Event identity logo design

Design continuity

Designing a brand is all about ensuring that your audience understands where something comes from, its relationship with its surroundings and the installation of trust in the target audience. Just out of the studio this week was the continuation of the Surrey Heath Book Festival, an identity topright created last year. The identity (as intentionally […]

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Leaflet design

Multi-layered design

This is the graphic image that will sit under the braille created for this unique leaflet design. Our client – Extant (the UK’s only professional performing arts company of visually impaired people) wanted an image that depicts their vision of an uncertain space where anarchy, ageing and anxiety collide. A surreal disused control room in a […]

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Retro logo design

Retro re-creation

We have been approached by a private client to redraw two side decals for his SEGA Outrun upright arcade machine which he has lovingly restored from the ground up, quite literally a nuts and bolts restoration. After approaching countless design agencies and being turned away our client stumbled across us around Christmas time and came […]

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Designing for the blind

Hail braille and design

We are often asked to use braille in our design for the arts and it has been a very interesting and fulfilling task. Designers ring us up and ask, ‘How do you do it?’. This is both flattering and frustrating as we have worked out our own method using simple problem solving and experimentation – […]

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