Motorcycle Brand

topright create exciting new Motorcycle Brand

Grand Prix chassis constructer Suter is set to make an all-new 500cc classic V4 two-stroke to compete at next year’s ‘topright branded’ World GP Bike Legends event. ‘Legends 500’, the new Suter 500 V4 was unveiled at the World GP Bike Legends launch in Zurich on 29 September. The motorcycle brand is ‘Legends GP Bikes’, […]

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Clothing Brand

Clothing brand launch

ST&OUT came to topright to sharpen their image and get the clothing brand logo in shape for the launch of their ‘Lookbook 15’. They have just published a video of their new range. I have to say, the logo is working for them and we wish them every success with their new range.     […]

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responsive website design

Responsive website launch

Yesterday topright design launched a new responsive website for their client Interiors Photography London. They have been working on this responsive website and new identity for a little over a month now and it’s great to set it live. When designing a new website for a client there are always two things top of their agenda, they are – ‘make it a […]

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80s logo design

80s-tastic design baby!

Recently one of our clients asked us to create some design styling to support their 80s themed weekend festival ‘ Frimley Lodge Live’. Well we pulled up our day glow leg warmers and inflated our shoulder pads for a design adventure to the land of make believe enabling us to create this design Gem! As you can […]

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Conference programme design

Simple, effective design communication.

A simple and effective design approach can have great impact, creating a trustworthy method of conveying a message. This recent work that topright undertook involved creating the identity and collateral for a series of conferences to be held in London, Glasgow and Cardiff. Using a simple type of design approach, topright created an HTML invite, […]

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Event signage design

Roaring design success

After working on a secret project for a month or so it’s always exciting when you can finally reveal the work that you have been doing. Topright were asked to create an identity for the exciting new World GP Bike Legends event. After creating the identity and the look and feel, we worked on all […]

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Apple marketing gone mad?

I have admired Apple and all of their products, inspiration zen thinking and intuitive design for years. In fact I have been a foot soldier for them (the sort of loyal customer you want for your brand) a foot soldier that would stand up for Apple at parties, gatherings and the likes when a ‘PC’ […]

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Event identity logo design

Design continuity

Designing a brand is all about ensuring that your audience understands where something comes from, its relationship with its surroundings and the installation of trust in the target audience. Just out of the studio this week was the continuation of the Surrey Heath Book Festival, an identity topright created last year. The identity (as intentionally […]

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Leaflet design

Multi-layered design

This is the graphic image that will sit under the braille created for this unique leaflet design. Our client – Extant (the UK’s only professional performing arts company of visually impaired people) wanted an image that depicts their vision of an uncertain space where anarchy, ageing and anxiety collide. A surreal disused control room in a […]

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