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Arcade game restoration

By December 11, 2014December 18th, 2014No Comments

Once again topright has been approached by a private client we had previously helped, when we re-drew the graphic elements of the arcade game SEGA ‘Outrun’. These sort of arcade game restoration projects are great because of the detail and choices that have to be made in the process. Do you re-create it as it was? Do you correct any imperfections with the original graphics? Do you create the colour as it would have been or as it should be now with UV damage etc? Using both vector and photographic techniques we set about re-creating both the backlit glass panel that appears at the front / top of the cabinet and the control plate which is effectively the dashboard of classic 80s car arcade game ‘Chase HQ’.

This private client came back to us because we collectively speak the same sort of language when it comes to detail. Some would call it obsessive, we just call it passion. As with the previous restoration of this  breed we set about emulating the graphics, copying the imperfections that gave it its charm and period. This means that it didn’t follow the modern design culture bought about by computer aided design of perfect lines, sharp, crisp and accurate line-work. Working in this way is obviously far more time consuming as it is just not the raison d’etre of computer aided design. But I suppose that satisfaction of a job well done will always out weigh the time spend doing it.