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Responsive website launch

By June 4, 2015 No Comments

Yesterday topright design launched a new responsive website for their client Interiors Photography London. They have been working on this responsive website and new identity for a little over a month now and it’s great to set it live. When designing a new website for a client there are always two things top of their agenda, they are – ‘make it a responsive website’ and ‘We want to be able to edit it ourselves’. Obviously the client will always want it well designed, beautiful and slick, but that goes without saying. With the enormous rise in alternative media and the multitude of ways in which a potential client chooses to interact with you, responsive websites should now be the norm. A good CMS system in order for the client to take ownership and control of their new website is also a powerful tool that is extremely sensible for a client to request. Although this new website is not an expanse of pages it is an very effective sales tool because of its structure, in so much as the photographs are the main focus and everything else is incidental.

As I said, the site is all about showcasing the images (the product of the client) but the site did require the obvious social media sharing facilities, full screen portfolio presentation and also an interactive form to help potential clients commission any photography effectively, enabling IPL to accurately cost a job. Building this site in conjunction with designing the logo enabled topright to create an identity in a holistic fashion, which always gives the best results and is their prefered method of work. After all, what is a logo on it’s own? it’s how it is used and what it is used in conjunction with that matters. The client is very please with the final result, which we would not have any other way.




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