Website design

Smarten up an industry

‘Here’s our text – but the site must be up in 3 weeks!’

Following on from the success of, Dairy UK asked topright to use the design cues from and build them a brand new corporate website.

Website design

Prestigious school website

‘Take us away from our old overcrowded and out-dated website.’

Heathfield asked topright to re-design their existing website because they had ‘out-grown’ it. They felt it could no longer accommodate the increasing amount of content needed to promote the school and extensive re-structuring was needed to improve navigation and user experience. One key requirement of the re-design was for the user to have more control over the site.

Brand identity, logo design

Creating an identity

‘Something minimalist, clean and fresh.’

Tech TV, based in Farnham, Surrey, called upon topright for a brand identity that needed to reflect their professional attitude, trust amongst their clients, friendly, stress-free approach and of course the quality of their work.

Advertising campaign

Unique advertising campaign

‘We need something unique to help us stand out in a stuffy market place.’

This advertising campaign design work was created for Heathfield School Ascot. The campaign comprises of three words, ‘Unique’ ‘Verve’ and ‘Spirit’. Three powerful words which describe the virtues of a ‘Heathfield girl’. There will be more words added to the campaign through out the year it runs.

Web and identity design

Fashion Brand

‘It’s not just what the website looks like, create a feeling, an experience.’

Julius Lumsden is not only a fashion designer, he has been a Professor of Fashion Business, Branding, Marketing, Creative process, Trend Analysis, Collection Development, Colour Design Theory and Fashion History as well as a design consultant and creative advisor. So when he asked topright to express his brand experience in web form they jumped at the challenge.

Report design

The Dairy Road Map

‘Showcase 10 years of environmental commitment.’

Dairy UK, NFU and AHDB wanted to showcase 10 years of environmental commitment in the cross-industry initiative ‘The Dairy Roadmap’. We were asked to create a brochure that clearly communicated the involved and detailed message.

Brochure design | brand development

Taking good care

‘Create a look that can be taken into everything that we do.’

Person Centred Software (based in Guildford, Surrey) asked topright to design a brochure that would be a catalyst for their brand development.

Infographic design

Complicated made simple

‘Explain our product.’

topright were asked to create a infographic that would explain the virtues of an industry leading care app.

Campaign and web design

Tell it like it is!

Unity | Digital Toolkit | Education | Communication

Dairy UK and AHDB (Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board) asked topright to create a campaign style and develop an accompanying  website to bring dairy farmers together and provide them with the knowledge and tools to successfully promote the nutritional benefits of dairy to consumers through their own social media platforms.

Exhibition illustration

Sea Life

‘Create something that is engaging and age-appropriate.’

Merlin Entertainments asked us to create a visual illustration for Weymouth SEA LIFE to highlight the ongoing plastic pollution problem in the world’s oceans.


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